If you happen to be in Surabaya this weekend, I have a special invitation for you this Sunday…

Series: Christ’s Scenes Investigation (CSI) – Week #2
Place: ICA West, Pakuwon Trade Centre 6th Floor (Rooftop)
Time: Sunday, April 18th, 2010 – 8.30am, 10.30am and 4.30pm

To reach the place, just drive to Pakuwon Trade Centre, enter the car parking lot tower (the one which spirals upwards, not the basement one) and just drive to the 6th floor, the one on the roof. We’re having a 5-part series called Christ’s Scenes Investigation (CSI) that started last week, so this will be the second week of the series.

The special thing that we’re going to do this week is to pray for physical healing. Last week we prayed for financial healing in the lives of the people here — because business has been quite difficult lately for so many of us — and the outcome was tremendous. If you have anyone in need of physical healing (maybe even yourself), feel free to come this Sunday and we’ll pray for you so that God would do something in your life. Remember that whether He heals you or not physically, have faith that He has the best plan laid out for you already, so never despair and lose hope.

Personally, this Sunday I’ll be praying for two important people in my life that are currently in need of some physical healing from God (and I’d like to ask for your support in prayers too if possible)…

The first is my father. He is 54 years old now but still working very hard for the family and our future. Just this week, as he returned from a trip to Japan, out of nowhere he got something like an “ink blot” in his vision. We went to the doctor today to have a check and it turns out that my dad is developing symptoms of cataract. We were quite shocked with this development and still have no plans on how we are going to proceed with curing this. I just hope that this Sunday God would show his love, mercy and compassion to lend a healing touch to my dad’s eyes.

The second is my girlfriend’s mother (or “mother-in-law-to-be”, if that’s even a word), who is 61 or 62 years old now. She is also developing symptoms of cataract and she’s been having trouble with her legs. They are gradually weakening and she has been undergoing physiotherapy in the hospital for some time now. I asked her to come and she said that most probably she won’t be able to go with me this Sunday, so I’ll just pray for her healing this Sunday and hope that God would open a way and do something for her.

If you’re not in Surabaya but you would like for someone or even yourself to also receive the healing from God, please leave a comment below this post and I’ll be glad to pray for you this Sunday.