Holding her hand, he said to her, “Talitha koum!,” which means “Little girl, ARISE! And the girl, who was twelve years old, immediately stood up and walked around! They were overwhelmed and totally amazed.
(Mark 5:41-42, New Living Translation, paraphrased)

I was greatly blessed by the sermon today, where we talked about miracles and healing in the life of a believer. The sermon was based on Luke 8:40-56 where Jesus healed the woman with bleeding and also the daughter of Jairus. It was the latter part of the story — the healing of Jairus’ daughter — that touched my heart and resonated with me most.

Often times, we think that we have to do things to please and appease God before He would do miracles in our lives. But the point that struck me the most from the story was this, “what did the girl have to offer for God to do a miracle to her?” Money? Obedience? Faith? She had none of these. She had nothing she could offer, for she was deadD-E-A-D! She couldn’t even say, “oh Lord, if you heal me then I will follow you all of my life.” There was nothing she could do to make Jesus heal her. She couldn’t even reach out to touch Him like the woman with bleeding.

Yet He did. Jesus did heal and restore her life. He had love and compassion for the child. He had great plans for her. And here today I will tell you that God loves you so much too and He have great plans in mind for you and your life! (Don’t believe me? Go read Jeremiah 29:11). Whatever trouble or difficult situation you may be facing right now, believe that Jesus will be there to say to you “Talitha Koum!” and restore your life, so that you can stand up and rise again.

Talitha Koum! Arise!
It’s time for you to make a stand and face those sins that’s haunting your life.
It’s time for you to get rid of that bitterness that you have carried for so long.
It’s time for you to start showing love and compassion to those that hurt you.
It’s time for you to be a beacon of light that shows people the way to Christ.

Talitha Koum! Arise! Will you rise up and be born again today?