When it’s all falling down on you
You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two
When it’s all crashing down on you
When there’s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you

Last Friday, it seemed as if things could not have been any worse. As some of you might know, currently I am in the process of opening a new DELL retail store in a shopping mall in Surabaya. Early on, when we came to the mall’s management to sign the agreement and legal contracts, there was one clause there that I said I couldn’t agree to.

The mall’s management stated that the store’s neon box has to be made by a certain neon box maker that was chosen by the mall. I said that this was not possible, as DELL have their own standards for their retail stores. The design of every store, including its neon box and store furnitures, are the same all over Indonesia. I did not even have to design or build a thing. I only need to facilitate the rent with the mall and provide the place for the store, then DELL would handle the store renovation and install everything for me. So basically it just works like this: I rent the place, DELL fixes it and then I operate it.

We talked about this at length, and I said that if that’s the rule over there and they cannot bend it, then I am okay with it and I would just tell DELL that they cannot open a store there. The guy from the management then said that the rule is flexible and is actually there just to ensure that the quality of the neon boxes in the mall are good and not made from rubbish material. As long as the quality of the neon box is good then there would be no issue with DELL installing it. He even pointed out another store that has installed their own neon box.

This point was actually very debatable as the clause said clearly that “the neon box cannot be installed by the store owner or the brand vendor (which means DELL)”, but as the guy convinced me that it would be okay, I decided to sign the agreement. Which is why I was very surprised when last Friday they turned back on their words and called me to say that I have to obey the clause and handle the neon box’s construction to their chosen maker.

I tried to call DELL and they said that I have to follow their rules, if I want to open a DELL retail store then all of the design, construction and installation have to be from them. I then called the mall’s management again to inform them of this, but they chose to keep their position too, even after I explained that I have told them all about this before when I was going to sign the agreement. Then they just say that this decision came “directly from the general manager”.

At this point I was becoming confused and angry, and I had a fit of rage. Despite this week’s teachings to guard my mind from murderous thoughts, those thoughts were exactly what I had in my mind after all this. I lost control of myself and was prepared to harm and do bad things to this person just to have my way with it (even though later when I came to my senses I learned that doing things physically won’t help at all, it would just make it worse).

Fortunately I have friends who prayed for me and calmed me down. I asked one friend to suggest some songs that he always run to when he’s in trouble like this. We went through several songs, but in the end I came back to the song that I’ve always listened to whenever I was in deep trouble: Delirious – Every Little Thing.

When it’s all falling down on you
You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two
When it’s all crashing down on you
When there’s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you

Then it proceeds to repeat this line:
“Every little thing’s… gonna be alright…”

EVERY little thing.
It means “not just some things, but all things”.

  • Like what Peter told us on 1 Peter 5:7 (compare to Psalm 55:22) …
    “Give all (not some) your worries to God, for he cares about you.”
  • Like what Paul believed in Phillipians 4:13 
    “I can do all (not some) things through him who strengthens me.”

Every LITTLE thing.
It means not just the large and seemingly important things, but also the daily things that might seem small and trivial. He also cares for that.

  • In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus told us not to worry about everyday life, whether we have enough food, drink and clothes, because our heavenly Father knows that we needs them.
  • In Phillipians 4:6, Paul urged us not to worry about anything and to pray for everything instead. Also to thank God for all that He has done.
  • In Matthew 6:11, as part of the LORD’s Prayer, Jesus told us to pray for our daily bread. This also corresponds to the story about “manna” in Exodus 16 where the LORD provides daily provision for Israel.

Sometimes we never reach out to the LORD and trust Him to take care of the little things. We only run to him whenever there is a major crisis happening in our lives or there is a big decision we need to make. We tend to take matters into our own hands when it comes to the little things or daily life things. But these verses tells us otherwise: the LORD cares about our daily well-being and the little things in our lives.

And – this is the important part – if we never learn to trust Him with the small things in our lives, we will never be able to trust Him with the large things! If you never trusted the LORD to take care of your daily needs and decisions, how will you be able to trust in the LORD’s care and providence when a big decision needs to be made or a big storm is heading your way? You might think that you’ll be able to do it, but in reality, you won’t.

I’ll admit that I’m the kind of person who easily worry about things. Whenever something goes wrong, no matter how small it is, my panic mode instantly kicks in and I lose my calm. In these situations, I will usually trust my own judgment to make things right and forget to pray and ask the LORD for guidance. Whenever something bigger comes and I go into deeper panic, usually I will run to the LORD and pray about it, but I will still cling on to that matter, unable to just place it into GOD’s hands, trusting that He will take care of it and just rest peacefully.

Start trusting the LORD today will your small things,
then you will be able to trust Him with the large things.

I’ll close this with a recap on what happened that Monday. I went to the management office with my cousin (who was there to make sure I wouldn’t do anything rash and stupid) to meet the general manager and resolve the matter. When we arrived, the receptionist told us that the manager was still in a meeting and another staff will meet us briefly. When that staff arrived, we tried to explain our position of things, but before we finished, the staff just told us that the manager no longer have no problems with DELL building our neon sign and we can just proceed with things.

I was like all, “WHAT??!” – to be honest I came in there expecting a difficult negotiation and probably a war, but what I find was a peaceful resolution. I came expecting to be there for a long time, but all it took was no more than 10 minutes. Then I knew that it must have been GOD at work. To be honest, I didn’t pray and I didn’t ask GOD for a solution, as I was so full of rage and anger before that I forgot all about Him. Even if I did pray, I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been able to really trust Him and place the matter entirely in His hands either. But that day the LORD showed that He cared for me and He is willing to help me out in my times of trouble and need.

There are still problems ahead of me. I am not sure whether I can finish the store renovations before the deadline. I am not sure whether I can recruit and train enough staff before the store opening deadline. But now, I will learn to trust Him completely, even with the smallest things, so that when big things come my way, I will be able put my faith completely in Him.